Acne is a common problem for adults, although it is more common during adolescence and adulthood. But it may first appear in later years for adults!
There are several types of acne according to the following: Red acne due to the occurrence of skin infections Acne skin, which appears in red.
White acne is a non-inflamed type, and occurs in the formation of white pimples, one of the types of acne famous and widespread between the owners of oily skin and owners of mixed skin, because of the accumulation of dust and fat cells in the face, especially in the nose.
Black acne or blackheads is formed due to the accumulation of dust, the skin is exposed to harmful sunlight, this type is not inflamed.
Causes of sudden onset of acne in adults:
• Hormones
Hormonal changes in the body, too, play a role in the appearance or aggravation of acne. These changes are particularly common in:
 Adults, both males and females
 Women two days – a week before the onset of menstruation
 Pregnant women
 People taking certain medications, especially cortisone

• Tension
• Diet
• Environmental factors
• Using the wrong products is not suitable for you
• Irregular leakage of dead skin cells causes the hair follicles to be alerted to the skin
• Accumulation of germs

There are many medical methods to treat acne, including:

• Laser: Laser is one of the methods used to treat it, but you need to consult your dermatologist to determine the amount of light, and the number of sessions.
• Chemical peeling: This method uses chemical solutions such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid, but this treatment must be repeated more than once; because it does not last long.
• Removing blackheads: Doctors removing blackheads with special medical tools, but it may cause scars.

Steps and tips for dealing with it
• Gently wash the acne-affected area twice a day
• Avoid fatty foods, chocolate, pickles, and processed foods.
• Drink plenty of water.
• Use oil-free skin products.
• Avoid sun exposure

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