animal transmit corona

?animal transmit corona

Scientists in China have discovered that after a group of cats infected high concentrations of the new virus, they were infected with the virus, which was discovered in their upper respiratory tract and excreta, and also discovered that they transmitted the infection to other cats.
Like they found a similar condition in another place but they found that the virus did not reproduce successfully in dogs or other animals on that from previous research that confirmed the infection of a dog with the virus, the veterinary medical association advanced in establishing that there is no influencer of the idea that pets can infect Illness to humans

The World Health Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health also said that to this day, no cases of pets that transmit the new Corona virus to humans have been reported.

?animal transmit corona

Veterinary medicine in America, in turn, has proven that pets are not likely to be affected by the current virus, the emerging coronavirus Covid 19, and the veterinarian in America apparently said that the virus appears to be well formed to spread among people, and that it is unlikely to infect dogs or cat. Corona infection from a human being infected with a cat or some of them infected with the Corona virus, and therefore supported by laboratory research. There are also cases of isolation of dogs that suffered from the Corona virus in Hong Kong, but none of the cat or dog that became ill with the Corona virus was infected, and according to the research reached by the researchers it was not found There is any scientific knowledge that animals can transmit a role in the spread of the SARS virus
Experts have proven that it is possible to transmit the virus from human to animal very few, even if the virus showed a beginning at the bat and turned into something else before transmission to humans and scientists believe that the discovery of the virus in the sinuses and mouths of the dog is not sufficient evidence of infection with the virus, but may even indicate To an invalid infection is considered a negative infection, i.e. carrying the virus but without its reproduction, and health has again undertaken to take more studies on this point.

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