Asthma is a common disease that affects all ages without exception and due to its prevalence many people believe it is a simple and non-serious disease and this is a big mistake, where recent studies have shown an increase dissimilarity of asthma.


What is the difference between asthma and chest allergies?

is a tightness of the airways (tubes or ducts inside the chest and not vesicles) resulting in chest tightness and difficulty breathing with a wheezing in the chest or cough (cough) and in acute cases may develop into a lack of oxygen, these symptoms may be temporary and may disappear automatically or using medications.


As for allergies, it is one of the factors that cause asthma, and it occurs in some people as a result of exposure to the causes of allergies with a congenital predisposition to them and the symptoms of this sensitivity vary according to the affected part. The eyes, increased secretions and bronchial sensitivity, result in asthma.


 What are the causes of asthma?
 Multiple causes or asthma tics, possibly caused by an unknown or external cause, due to the presence of known causes or triggers inside or outside the home cause the patient an asthma attack when exposed to it, including:


  • Pollen, trees, grass escapees and various other
  • Roses and flowers of various kinds include dried
  • Birds of all
  • Domestic animals, especially cats, and allergies occur as a result of exposure to the removals of these animals, especially saliva, urine or crusts falling from their Pillows stuffed with bird feathers.
  • To be exposed to smoke, whether incense, coal, firewood or other
  • Exposure to cigarette smoke directly, such as smoking or indirectly, by the presence of the patient in the smoking
  • Exposure to strong odors such as perfumes, pesticides, paints, detergents or other
  • Viruses (colds), sinusitis or
  • Exposure to sudden change in the atmosphere (from cold to hot or vice versa).
  • Emotional emotions.


  • Exposure to a muscular effort such as sports of all
  • Exposure to fungi usually lives in places with high humidity such as water conditioners, air conditioner filters, refrigerators, bathrooms, kitchens, abandoned trash baskets open inside the house or old



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