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Back pain

Back pain. Sciatica and sciatic pain

Whether the pain is present in the lower back (lower back pain), neck or rarely in the middle back, the mechanism is the same. Originally, there is usually an anatomical lesion of the resulting or tightened spinal disc by carrying the load.
Anatomically, sciatic pain (or sciatica) corresponds to the pressure of the anterior motor root of the sciatic nerve. How do we treat them? Can we really mitigate it? This article will tell you all the treatments for sciatica.
Half sciatica heals on its own.
Most sciatica episodes are benign and recover by only resting, accompanied by a simple and anti-inflammatory analgesic.
Medical treatment for sciatica
The first symptoms are always episodes of pain, but analgesics are effective, whether they are anti-inflammatory or third-degree analgesics (morphine and opium derivatives)
Steroid batches are often helpful. Lumbar vertebrae control and spinal treatment tools are effective in about 70% of cases.
Physical therapy to relieve sciatica pain
If the patient suffers from pain for several weeks (from 4 to 6 weeks), consultation with a physiotherapist can relieve pain associated with sciatica. In addition, physical therapy allows you to gently restore your physical abilities. The physiotherapist performs stretching exercises, strengthens muscles, corrects the patient’s posture and performs massages to relieve painful areas.
Sciatica Surgery
Surgical procedures are considered only in the case ofmedical treatment and exacerbation of symptoms. This is how it gives the best results: nearly 100%.
Sciatica: Treatment of Mare’s Guilt Syndrome
When sciatica is accompanied by persian guiltsyndrome, the surgical urgency is primarily.
Signs of paralysis of the lower extremities, pmay control the sphincter,loss of muscle mass in the legs pain perineum or genitalia, loss of reactions from the lower limbs or insensitivity to the skin perineum.
Consequences of sciatica treatment
Postoperative rehabilitation will be necessary for healing.
Physical activity can be selectively resumed through activities such as swimming. It must also be very progressive and is carried out under strict medical supervision until full integration is carriedout.
In all cases, you must be patient: only after a few months can the healing of sciatica beconfirmed.

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