Beetroot is a type of root vegetable that is currently spread all over the world, and remains the favorite among all vegetables for many people. Beetroot is known as its red color, which can range from dark red to pale, in addition to its delicious taste and the possibility of eating it in several ways.


Among its benefits:


1- Protects against cancer: Studies have proven in our days that beets can protect against cancer through Betacaine, which gives the beet red color. This antioxidant has important protective capabilities against cancer cells.


2- Enhances the health of the digestive system: Beetroot is an important source of dietary fiber, as this leads to protect the digestive system from constipation problems in particular and also helps in reducing the incidence of chronic diseases such as bowel infections, bowel cancer …


3- Treating anemia: Beets contain an amount of iron and a percentage of antioxidants that fight anemia. Beetroot helps to increase the level of blood in the body, and cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in it, and beetroot helps to increase the proportion of oxygen.


4- Reducing high blood pressure: Studies have indicated that consuming beetroot in a regular way can reduce high blood pressure, through the substance nitrate (Nitrate) that converts to nitric acid in the body, help relax blood vessels and consequently reduce blood pressure.


5- Good for cholesterol and diabetes patient: First, beetroot helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, through flavonoids. It also helps diabetics to reduce blood sugar levels or maintain an acceptable percentage through certain antioxidants (Acide Alpha Lipoic). )


6- Enhances immunity: An important benefit of beetroot is that it boosts the body’s immunity in a direct way through the percentage of VitC contained in it.



Our doctors at Ram Clinics always recommend their patients to add beetroots to their daily diet.

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