Botox and Age

Botox and Age

Botox and Age


There is no specific ideal age to get botox, according to cosmetic therapists, Botox can be used at all ages and when solutions are needed to a range of diverse cosmetic problems that we review below:


At 20:

Experts advise to treat delicate lines that appear on the skin as they appear, even if it is in their twenties. The expressive lines that appear on the forehead when laughing or doing different expressions should disappear when the facial features are relaxed. But if it remains visible, it is possible to use the Botox injection to get rid of it. This could be in the mid-twenties or early thirties. The protective role that botox plays in this field is very effective in delaying the appearance of lines and wrinkles for a long time. The ideal life expectancy for a “protective botox” procedure, also called Baby Botox, is at the age of 25, but only when needed, and in people with a genetic predisposition to present lines and early wrinkles on the skin.


At 30:

The skin condition and the extent to which lines and wrinkles appear on it play a key role in determining the appropriate age to undergo Botox injections. The excessive movement of the facial muscles also has a role in accelerating the appearance of early wrinkles, and in this case, Botox reduces muscle movement and delays the appearance of the resulting wrinkles. The best age to undergo preventive Botox in the absence of any preparation for the appearance of early wrinkles is at the age of 35.


At 40:

Skin color and lifestyle influences the right age to start undergoing Botox injections. People with very light skin appear to have a need to undergo injection techniques between the ages of 35 and 45. If they are constantly exposed to sunlight, this rate drops to the age of 30. For those with darker skin, they have an average age undergoing Botox injections between the ages of 40 and 45. This rate can be lower for smokers, who live a large portion of their time outdoors. Also, the method of developing the state of wrinkles appearing on the face affects in this area. The sooner this development becomes, the more urgent the need to use Botox to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible.


Consult your dermatologist at Ram Clinics into which age and the condition of your skin to further determine your Botox injections.

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