Botox and sweating

Botox and sweating

Botox to treat excessive sweating

Sweat is one of the good indicators of human health,

as the body gets rid of excess salts, and those who suffer from less sweating face many health problems,

although if the sweat exceeds its normal rate it is a problem that must be addressed,

especially if it is accompanied by an irritating smell.

Many people resort to using lotions to eliminate the smell of sweat or not sweating,

but their effect often does not last for long periods of time, and a person needs to use them several times a day to get the result of his troublesome problem, though it does not always give him the result he wants.

Cosmetic medicine did not leave this problem without treatment,

so the latest techniques for treating excess sweating, which is botox,

have appeared, and the following article will cover all information related to this topic.

What are the causes of excessive sweating? What are needles to prevent sweating?

How is it injected?

How much do sweating needles cost?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sweat prevention needles?

Where are the best clinics and medical centers providing Botox non-sweat service?

All these questions you will find the answers below with aesthetic.

What are the causes of excessive sweating?

Before starting to define and explain non-sweating needles,

we must first get to know the types and causes of excessive sweating. There are two main types of excessive sweating:

The first is the increased secretion of sweat in both the hands and the face,

under the armpits and the feet, and this type of excessive sweating is not due to pathological causes,

but rather occurs as a result of high body temperature due to air temperature, physical exertion, hormones, emotional excitement,

or stress, as well as can It occurs without a clear reason,

and it is reported that men and dark-skinned people are the group most exposed to this type of excessive sweating,

and anti-sweating needles are used in the treatment of this type.

As for the second type, the increase in the proportion of sweat in all parts of the body,

or at the very least in a large area of ​​the body, and this type of excessive sweating can be due to pregnancy,

obesity, diabetes, or infection, and in this case Botox does not use non-sweating but rather A specialist should be consulted to confirm

the cause of the problem and undergo appropriate treatment.

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