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Capillaries can be defined as arteries that branch out into the tissues of the body and represent tiny vessels that represent capillaries, as they consist of a layer of several cells that represent very accurate channels. The length of the capillary is between 0.5-1 mm, and the wall of it contains one cell layer of about ten billion capillaries, and the main reason that is wall consists of only one layer is to allow small nutrients to nourish the surrounding cells instead of large-sized proteins, while Other ends of it act as aggregators I carbon dioxide that results from waste and cells within the lymphatic vessels.

Reasons for the appearance of capillaries on the surface of the skin:

The cause of the appearance of it is due to the genetic factor that plays a large role in their appearance, but there are many reasons that increase the likelihood of it, including:
• Pregnancy and childbirth, as hormones change during pregnancy and increase, especially in the last months of pregnancy, due to the increase in the size of the uterus, which presses the large veins in the abdomen, which increases blood pressure on the veins of the legs, and thus results in the appearance of capillaries under the surface of the skin.
• Birth Controls
• Obesity.
• Standing or sitting for a long period.
• Weakening of the skin tissue resulting from aging, as these tissues support blood vessels. Vein valves that cause varicose veins to appear, causing it to appear under the skin.

There are many methods that can be used to get rid of it, but it is necessary to ensure that there are no varicose veins in the legs that must be treated before starting the capillary treatment, as varicose veins are the main cause that leads to the emergence of it, and from the most important methods that can be used to get rid of it are the following:
• Capillary injection: Chemicals are injected into the capillaries through very small needles, as it results in inflammation in it wall, thus contracting them, and closing them completely for a few weeks.
• Lasers: The red color in the capillaries absorbs the energy of the laser, causing the capillaries to warm and eventually closing them, and this method is preferred for small and medium capillaries. Iron capillaries with electric needles: This method is one of the first methods used in the past to get rid of it.
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