Care for oily hair

Care for oily hair

Natural oils and their work in the scalp on oily hair, and that is the treatment of oily scalp oily by using treatments at home and some medical purposes that do not need a prescription, therefore some serious cases may need medication and a prescription

There are ingredients and herbs from ancient times that are used in cosmetics and various treatments such as treating rashes, skin irritation, acne and pimples. Hence, also known to the source of anti-inflammatory that contributes to standing up to itching of the scalp and dandruff and there is moisture inside the hair to work to reduce excessive oils emitted from the scalp and hair follicles upward to help it grow hair and luster and improves the pH balance inside the scalp as well as Aloe fluid can be wiped directly on the scalp and hair or mixed with shampoo so that the gel is collected from the soft aloe vera leaves using a spoonful put the liquid in a bowl and massage it into shampooed hair and there is another method of use is to mix both aloe fluid and lemon juice in the special shampoo bottle available After that, the hair can be washed out and the gel can be stored in a container for about weeks

Care for oily hair

The causes of oily hair are hereditary factors or an increase in the use of shampoo and moisturizing creams for hair that may lead to an increase in hair fat. Choosing a suitable shampoo is important and interest in using a shampoo for oily hair. Hair care experts prefer using a shampoo made of natural materials. Chemicals because they work to damage the hair and damage some hormonal things and hair should not be washed frequently. Hair must be washed frequently but not every day, that is, it is possible to wash it twice or three. Increasing the washing of oily hair leads to hair loss to its own oils and works to stop Its growth is normal and you should not use oils and creams for hair. You must keep that step because it is one of the most important steps in caring for oily hair, so it is necessary that you apply special oils on the ends of your hair, so that the parties do not become dehydrated, because oily hair does not want other oils.

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