Causes of appendicitis

Causes of appendicitis

Appendix disease, in the first stage, deep and non-concentrated pain in the abdomen, And times around the navel. And also loss of appetite and nausea, a common symptom of this condition, with the development of the increased condition is the formation of venous obstruction, and times the infectiousness of germs, after that, from the abdominal cavity to the surrounding tissues and to the blood. It causes an increase in body temperature, a rapid heartbeat, High white blood cell count, as well as the patient’s feeling of pain in the lower right abdomen، When the appendix perforates, the intestinal content leaks with the germs due to acute appendicitis

Appendicitis is called inflammation of the appendix, which is a membrane, like a finger secreted from the colon in the lower right area of ​​the abdomen that leads to appendicitis and soreness in the lower right area of ​​the abdomen. This is because most ache begins in most people around the navel and then goes to other areas. As the inflammation worsens, the pain of appendicitis increases, and ultimately it increases the possibility of anyone getting appendicitis, affecting most of them in people between 10 and 30 years of age. The standard treatment is in the surgical cutting of the appendicitis leading to an obstruction in it, which may be the cause of the deposition of mucus, parasites or stool at times, and therefore are the symptoms of appendix,

When there is a problem or blockage in the appendix, the environment becomes suitable to increase the bacteria inside it, thus leading to irritation, inflammation, swelling and redness. The location of the appendix is ​​in the lower part of the abdomen in the right, and in the last part of the large intestine, some people know that the appendix It does not have any benefit in the human body in the current era, and this claims that it is possible to live normally if cut off. It must be noted that if it is not treated with appendicitis quickly, it is possible that it will burst or rupture, to spread severe bacteria in the abdominal area leading to infection. The so-called grade abdominal inflammation is a serious medical condition.

you suffer from any of these symptoms, you should go to the nearest clinic or the nearest hospital to complete the examination and check on your health from the attending physician.

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