Charcoal Teeth White

Charcoal Teeth White

Charcoal teeth whitening, is it a myth or a fact?

Medicine have discovered many safe and effective uses for teeth whitening including charcoal, but we are not talking here about charcoal used for barbecuing, but rather about another substance that is known and benefits.

Charcoal Teeth White is known to be a fine, ground black powder, made from coconut shells, olive pits, charcoal, sawdust and other materials.

How does charcoal work on teeth whitening?

In the past decade, teeth whitening has become a global industry, used in many treatments for teeth whitening and obtaining the perfect white smile.

Charcoal Teeth White used in teeth whitening has a negative electrical charge, which attracts positively charged particles, such as those found in toxins and gases, thereby absorbing and disposing of them. Observations indicate that it is effective in absorbing plaque and other compounds that contaminate the teeth.

How to use it

What you need for teeth whitening with charcoal are the following materials:

An old toothbrush

1 can of charcoal

Cup water

Follow these steps when using:

Moisturize your toothbrush well

  • Place a toothbrush on a tissue, a piece of toilet paper, or a paper towel
  • Gently open your charcoal can
  • Carefully empty the activated charcoal powder onto the toothbrush
  • Start brushing your teeth everywhere
  • You can add a small amount of toothpaste to your toothbrush and dip it in the coal powder if you prefer
  • Gently brush for 3 -5 minutes
  • Rinse your mouth.

What are the possible Side effects?

Some experts warn that charcoal may harm the enamel layer, you should avoid using it heavily on your teeth, as there are very few studies showing its actual effectiveness in whitening teeth.

Charcoal may be too harsh on teeth, and it causes the whiteness of the teeth more yellow than before, so it is important to find a good charcoal toothpaste, not too abrasive.

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