Cholesterol disease

Cholesterol disease

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that does not degrade in water. It is important for the body to function well. Therefore, it is found in the brain, nerves, liver, blood and bile juices. Cholesterol is used in the body. High cholesterol levels are due to a variety of factors including genetics, diet, and lifestyle, Underlying diseases that cause the liver, thyroid, or kidneys to cause cholesterol levels in the blood

An increase in Cholesterol disease in heredity may cause how the body receives bad cholesterol levels, an increase in familial blood cholesterol and thus be inherited from high cholesterol that can cause heart disease early, in this topic science should get two important types of cholesterol, which are a little fatty protein Density, which is called bad cholesterol, and that results in high rates of infection with atherosclerosis or atherosclerosis, which is the deposition of deposits filled with fat and cholesterol in the arteries. The sign that the treatment of increased cholesterol contributes to reducing or controlling high cholesterol levels in the blood, therefore by doing fluctuations in lifestyle and guiding a healthy lifestyle for the heart, by increasing the use of medications, and can also be used to treat fatty protein, used to treat Familial hypercholesterolemia

Cholesterol disease

This system consists in the work of a diet that contributes to reducing cholesterol levels, such as a nutritional plan of action and the treatment regimen to change the routine of life, which is advised of what there are two types in this substance which is a low-density lipoprotein and sometimes called bad cholesterol which is the increase in the blood is harmful higher From 200 mg / dl and leads to heart disease and sclerosis. The second is a protein of high-density lipoprotein, called good cholesterol, so its increase is important, as it works by transferring the low-density type to the liver, and the liver works by converting part of it into the bitterness. This is called because the high HDL rate between 40 to 100 mg / dL in the blood means a lower incidence of heart disease.

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