Cold water showers 

Cold water showers 

Cold water showers are more common in hot summer days, you may want to shower in cold water to reduce the heat of the air, but did you know that this not only relieves heat, but also benefits your body and your health?


1- It increases your alertness

Bathing with cold water in the morning or even in the evening has many benefits, including increasing your alertness. Feeling cold water all over the body will prompt you to breathe deeply as a result of the shock your body has received in an attempt to stay warm.


This increases the overall level of oxygen within the body, thereby increasing the heartbeat and blood flow in the blood vessels, which provides you with a large dose of energy to start the day with vigor and enthusiasm!

Don’t forget to shower in cold water in the morning, especially if you wake up from sleep and feel tired and sleepy.



2- It is beneficial for hair and skin


It is well known that one of the best ways to maintain fresh skin and healthy hair is cold water, as hot water dries skin and even hair.


Bathing in cold water will tighten the skin layer known as Cuticle and even the pores, which prevents dirt from entering the skin and keeping it clean and fresh!


Not only that, but the role of cold water in narrowing the glaciers in the hair reduces the dirt accumulated on the scalp as well to be healthier and maintains its moisture.


3- Enhances the immune and circulatory system

Bathing in cold water enhances the functioning of the circulatory system by increasing blood flow to all parts of the body, which would have a positive effect on the health of the heart and even the skin.


Cold water showering also helps lower high blood pressure and improves the immune system’s ability and role in fighting diseases.


4- It helps in losing weight

Did you know that bathing in cold water really helps you lose weight in a strange way?


The human body contains two types of adipose tissue:


White: White fatty tissue accumulates in the body when we consume a lot of calories that are not burned

Structure: While brown fat tissue is the good fat that produces heat to keep our bodies warm, it works when we are exposed to a very cold temperature.

The results of a scientific study conducted in 2009 showed that exposure to a cold temperature helps in the loss of approximately 4 kg during the year if you regularly shower in cold water.


5- It treats muscle pain and speeds its recovery

Have you ever seen that athletes shower in cold water after training? Do you know why? Bathing in cold water helps reduce muscle pain.


So the next time you exercise any kind of workout and feel pain in your muscles, all you have to do is take a shower in cold water.


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