Corona and the elderly

Corona and the elderly

The elderly are among the most seriously infected people with coronavirus to die of infection, but signs of infection may not become as pronounced as normal now on a large scale and the important symptoms known to date to this time are frequent coughing, fever and shortness of breath. And that was the way many people who did not have these symptoms were dispersed at test sites in many countries

Thus the stages that the body goes through with age may differ from the immune system in the elderly, which makes it less likely to detect these symptoms of infection, and also from that the older person may become less powerful than usual and less hungry and may seem more tired and tired and imbalance fighting a virus The new corona of air pathways in the body, causing dry coughing in younger patients, and also in the elderly, a feeling of weakness and fatigue more than normal, lack of appetite, and becomes in a state of confusion, turmoil, imbalance, and the inability to carry out daily tasks naturally.

Consequently, doctors advise that parents and health care providers neglect these symptoms that revolve around the axis of the elderly, and the doctor must visit or seek medical help before the bad condition, and increase the exposure to death, and some scientists believe that the infections that the elderly suffer from due to exposure in Viral infection, such as influenza, may be the main influencing disorientation and confusion in the elderly. Doctors advised through to report that families and volunteers care pay attention to symptoms of disease and imbalance especially in the elderly, and you should seek help quickly, before these elderly become in a rapid descent led Too much death

Thus in the original, corona works like other respiratory viruses. Naturally, everything that enters the body through the nose and mouth, and possibly the eyes, and in most adolescents, causes this irritation to inflammation, coughs and fevers and the transmission of infection to the lower body can cause a fight on the lungs It causes deeper inflammation in the lungs and causes difficulty breathing, though, some people with shortness of breath may not suffer, even if the oxygen levels in the blood drop dangerously

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