Corona cause

Corona cause

The diplomats were nervous that a laboratory test research on the Corona virus in bats might lead to a new epidemic similar to the SARS epidemic, and the newspaper added that these telegrams had led to recent discussions in the US government with the topic being an opportunity that the Wuhan Virology Center or another laboratory in Wuhan It is the cause of the virus that led to the current epidemic, as the TV station showed the theory that the origin of the virus is from one of the laboratories and the outbreak of the Corona virus at the end of last year, and that the first infections were related to a food market in Wuhan and despite the spread of some expectations on the Internet, there is no argument that a virus SARS-Cove -2 And leading Corona was accidentally leaked from a laboratory

This laboratory has led to two incidents of corona virus infection, the first was when a worker attacked a bat and bitten it and left his blood on his skin, and in the other case, the animal secreted a liquid on the same worker, who knew how serious the accident was and thus isolated himself from himself for others for 14 days, except That this action could not be in its wall to contain the infection

Corona virus is a well-known virus that affects an infection in the nose, sinuses or the top of the throat. Corona virus is called the coronavirus because its shape is like a crown, and the matter is that there are not many studies on the way of infection with this virus or infection from one person to another.

The science of investigating the two worlds to discover another laboratory in the Chinese city is intertwined to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and is located at a distance from the seafood market, and he was working tests and tests on a virus that led to SAS disease, and the bats were contagious to him and on these results, the experts recommended the need to transfer laboratories Biological from urban to uninhabited areas

 Thus some believe that the virus is infected by secretions from the respiratory system

This is through the air after the infected person coughs or sneezes without covering or closing his mouth. By touching by shaking or touching the affected person.

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