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Corona development

Corona development

Many people around the world believe strongly that scientists can quickly discover a vaccine against the Corona virus that has struck the world’s movement. And they did an international race between the major drug companies, and even between countries to reach this goal, and there are five vaccines out of 80 attempts that have already led positively to the status of clinical tests. And it became known that if the experiments continued correctly, then the vaccine would be ready in about a year or more. Emphasis would be that things work perfectly. Consequently, everyone thinks that the doctors failed to find a vaccine for Corona

Corona development

The big American pharmaceutical company has tested its Corona virus vaccine on American volunteers, according to what it announced and has already begun clinical trials and tests on volunteers in Germany last week, while tests began in the United States on Americans the next day and the company established that it wanted to do a vaccination examination on what up To 360 people, and if the tests confirm positively, the company may start transporting the vaccine provided that the emergency use takes place in the fall season and you may be able to obtain approval for a wider distribution by the end of the year

Researchers at an American university indicated that those who discovered and showed that their best vaccine against corona could be available for emergency use next September, if its success leads to progress in research and studies, thus a company said that it has the ability to introduce a vaccine it developed, the second stage of human testing

And she announced in an announcement that sometime in the month that she had deleted months of the well-known schedule to develop a vaccine, that she hoped would initiate clinical tests on a candidate against Corona, with the guarantee that it would be available for emergency use at the beginning of 2021.

Generally speaking, it takes time for the average vaccine development to take about years between the case that precedes clinical tests, and it has the potential to enter stores and is not estimated to be six percent, through a study published in scientific research.

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