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Corona recovery

Corona recovery

It indicated the return of the coronavirus to those recovering after recovering from the disease, due to unclear fears about the emerging corona virus, and that China had recently reported 195 new cases of the new corona virus for the last time in a row after recovering from it, and Japan said that a woman was infected with the virus after Its pure recovery from it, so how does the virus return to recoverees and why did the virus’s way and behaviors change in attacking the immune system in relation to those recovering,

Thus, tests based on those recovering from the coronavirus again discovered positive results again after recovering from the virus, which is clearly not normal for anxiety. There are various studies on the return of infection to some people with the new Corona virus on this. Data from workers In the health of China’s Guangdong Province, 14 percent of people who have recovered from the virus have contracted it again after being found again.

The second option is that they did not treat the infection properly but they were still infected with it, that is, it may be chronic with them, despite the fact that coronary diseases usually cause few-term self-identified injuries that are often treated shortly after, but there is some evidence in Scientific studies on persistent and chronic infections with coronaviruses in animals.

The scientist pointed out that the matter still needs a lot of information and studies about these infected people, such as whether they have fixed diseases or a change in conditions that could allow the virus to escape from controlling the immune system This needs to understand the need for a lot of study in the biology of the Corona virus The newbie

As for the condition of the woman who had her infection again in Japan, Professor Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said there is a lot that we do not know about this case, including whether the woman’s tests were negative before her last working test and the virus was found again, and that was the case.

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