Cracked Skin

Cracked Skin

Cracked Skin

Several factors may play a role in the appearance of stretch marks, such as pregnancy, weight loss, and genetic factors. Here we will learn about the most important signs of stretching and cracking of the skin and ways of treatment:

Cracked Skin

What are the signs of stretching and cracking of the skin?

The middle layer of skin, the dermis, has elastic properties that allow the skin to return to normal after being tightened, pinched, or pressed. However, when the skin undergoes frequent stretching or significant stretching it may not return to normal.

The reason is that the skin naturally contains elastic fibers in the dermis layer, but when these fibers rupture due to excessive tension or repeated stretching, then similar cracks appear in the skin, as the skin may appear flaccid and flabby.

Excessive tightening of the skin leads to the appearance of purple or pink stripes on the skin, or the so-called stretch marks, when stretch marks appear for the first time, they appear relatively prominent color but the color fades over time.

However, the planned tissue remains the same over time. Stretch marks often appear on the thighs, buttocks, or arms (especially near the armpits) or on the abdomen and chest.

Cracked Skin

Causes of chapped skin

Before trying to get rid of cracks and stretch marks, the first step is to determine what is causing them, and here are the most important possible causes:


Increase and decrease weight constantly and repeatedly.

Long-term use of cortisone.

Rapid growth, especially during adolescence.

Significant increase in muscle mass, especially in the hands and feet.

Genetic disorders, such as Marfan syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Long-term use of steroids.

Treating chapped skin and stretch marks

With the exception of the aesthetic problem, the cracks and stretch marks of the skin do not pose any danger and do not require surgical or cosmetic intervention. But if you are upset with the appearance of stretch marks on your body

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