cracks in body

cracks in body

How to get rid of cracks in the body

Healthy skin is soft, supple, and hydrated, but when moisture is lost and not renewed through frequent use of creams and lotions and drinking plenty of water, the skin can be unhealthy, dry, and scaly. Severe dry skin can begin to crack. What to do when your skin is so dry that it forms so many sore cracks that you may think dry, cracked skin soaked in water is a good way to compensate for the loss of moisture. You will be right and wrong. A dermatologist and program assistant with contributions to the Department of Dermatology at, says that water can actually dry on the skin

cracks in body

The doctor just explains that the water will strip your skin of essential oils. But this does not mean that absorbing baths and baths cannot be soothing for dry and cracked skin. You just have to shower in the right way

The doctor says adding a few drops of natural oil, such as minerals, almond oil or avocado oil, will heal dry and cracked skin. However, it is important to limit those baths and showers to only a short time, no longer than 5 to 10 minutes with warm water only, it should not be hot as hot water will dry the skin more. The doctor also suggests adding oatmeal or baking soda to the shower, about one cup of a bowl of water, to calm the skin and help maintain moisture.

cracks in body

Once you get out of the shower, the doctor suggests drying the skin gently with a towel that does not scrub or remove all the water from the skin that should be slightly moist. After that, put a few drops of natural oil or rich moisturizing cream all over your body. This will help prevent moisture for very dry and cracked skin, and Vaseline will be a good and inexpensive option to try. The doctor suggests rubbing petroleum jelly and letting it saturate the skin for a while. If the cracks are on the hands or feet, smooth these areas well and close them with cotton gloves or socks to hold petroleum jelly in place while sleeping.

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