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Cure rate of corona

Cure rate of corona

 Severe infections may affect pneumonia and death. Most of those killed by the virus were previously ill, elderly, or without strong immunity.

The CT scan gets the virus in the lungs, which contributes to patients taking treatment as quickly as possible, to increase the chances of recovery, as well as contributes to the location of infection, and the separation of cases in a rapid manner, and this is what the Health Committee in China spoke about, the location of the virus outbreak and the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Including that those who are exposed to the types of cough and fever, to contact those who are health care professionals for sweat if the virus is in a positive condition and needs to conduct treatment for the Corona virus, and the consultant increased that treatment with antivirals for a few cases lasts from two weeks The spread of the virus has eased in China

And that regarding Corona in China is likely to eliminate the epidemic this month, and in Italy also hundreds of cases have been fully recovered, according to a statistic released.

Cure rate of corona

Hence, a statistic of the number of corona cases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, by the World Health Organization, so the total number of cures in the Emirates increased to 17 out of 74 cases

And that Iran counted 2,134 cases of recovery out of 8,042 cases of meanings in Koruna.

While it consists of infecting some people with corona after treatment from it, a WHO spokesperson previously spoke in a statement last month that the organization examines reports and studies reports and some of the medical examinations and scientific research on that, which consists of reviewing how to conduct the exams but the government’s medical advisor The Chinese, the epidemiologist who was best known for fighting the spread of the SARS virus in 2003, said at a press conference that the rate of the virus’s return to infection in an infection after treatment and recovery was very low, and that severe cases were given priority to a formal examination, as for people with few symptoms, or not They have symptoms, they usually do not work for the test, and this is called that many minor injuries are not formed in the number of cases or cases of recovery.

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