deaths and injuries

The number of deaths and injuries

It reveals in the rate of Johns Hopkins University in America that more than 3.95 million people have suffered from the emerging coronavirus worldwide, while the disease affects the death of more than 275 thousand people. Cases of the disease have been detected in more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in China in December 2019

And America is the country that is now the largest number of cases of death and disease in the world, as it was monitored until the hour of publishing this news 1283929 cases and 77180 deaths and the second largest number of injuries is now in Spain, which has so far recorded 223,287 injuries and 26,299 deaths thus there is the second highest number Victims so far in Britain, which reached 31,316 people, but it is in fourth place after America, Spain and Italy in the number of injuries with a record of 212,169 injuries

And France, which showed an improvement in the situation, the number of people infected with the Corona virus reached 176,202 cases and witnessed to 26,233 deaths, while 55,892 patients recovered from Corona disease caused by the Covid virus, Italy, where the situation began to improve and the government reduced the isolation and closures because of that, recorded the number of cases in it 217,185 injuries and 30201 deaths

While Germany has so far registered more than 168,551 people infected with the emerging Corona virus Covid-19, an increase of about 1251 cases since before, as a result of investigations and data of the German Robert Koch Institute for Research of Infectious and Non-communicable Diseases, which indicated the arrival of a large number of infected .

The Russian government announces a rise in the number of cases last week, which led to an acceleration of the disease outbreak, but rather to an increase in the number of testing tests for the emerging corona virus, which reached 5.2 million tests, according to today’s figures. This also explains the fall in mortality
But some in Russia believe this explanation is wrong and question the validity of the death numbers. As of May 31, isolation measures continued in Moscow, where the epidemic is concentrated, with 104,189 injuries and 1010 deaths recorded.

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