dental crowns 2

dental crowns 2

Nothing compares to the importance of a bright smile,

as it is a secret of the attraction of the face and a sign of its beauty, and the beauty

of the smile is not complete except with a healthy mouth and bright white teeth free from decay,

and according to many studies, good oral health and bright white teeth make a person appear

more attractive and confident in The same as it leaves a smaller impression in the age,

and during the recent times, cosmetic techniques have become very popular with many people of different

classes and ages, and these technologies have witnessed a significant development in terms of increasing the

development of devices and the experience of medical personnel in this field,

and among the These techniques featured dental crowns as one of the effective cosmetic

solutions for a number of dental problems such as fractures, caries, discolouration and others.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, we will try in the coming lines to answer the most important

questions related to dental crowns, what are they and what is the aim of obtaining them,

what are their types, potential damages and who are the people nominated by them,

how much does it cost and the means of caring for them to Besides other information that may interest you.

dental crowns 2

What are dental crowns?

Also called dental plaque or dental cover,

it is a cosmetic and prosthetic technique that aims to compensate for damage

to some of the damaged teeth as a result of a fracture, parts of the tooth

or tooth decay, in order to restore its natural function and protect it and keep the rest of it out of reach.

Hand of spoilage and corrosion, and this technique is not innovative,

but it is known since ancient times, where a number of golden crowns were recently found inside a Pharaonic

cemetery during one of the searches and excavations, which indicates that it was used since ancient times,

and today, with the acceleration of the pace of medical development,

methods and methods have evolved The materials used in the manufacture of dental

crowns are now largely emulated by the appearance, efficiency and function of natural teeth.

dental crowns 2

The goal of obtaining dental crowns:

1- Attractive appearance:

Teeth crowns help to repair damage that distorts the appearance of teeth

and thus provides an attractive and ideal appearance and free from defects

and more comfortable for the patient besides they appear in a similar body and perhaps exactly

identical to the appearance of natural teeth and the credit for this is due to the development

of dental cosmetic techniques and an increase in experience Medical personnel and their handling of these cases.

2- Support and Protection:

Dental crowns help protect weak and broken teeth from decay and refraction, and they also help support and fix cracked teeth.

3- Fracture repair:

Dental crowns are useful for restoring broken, worn out or badly damaged teeth as a result of certain conditions or as a result of a specific accident.

4- Fixing bridges:

Artificial crowns contribute to cases of installing dental bridges where the crown of the tooth is used to help install the dental bridge in its place.

5- Cosmetic Coverage:

Dental crowns are used to cover lost, incomplete or severely lost teeth as a result of smoking, for example, or a lack of calcium. It is also of great benefit in covering implanted teeth.

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