dental crowns

dental crowns

dental crowns needed if your tooth is decayed or has a large filling, your dentist may suggest tooth fixtures when you visit dental clinics.

The cases that require the use of dental fixtures are:
– Fracture or crack in the tooth
– Installation of bridges
– Beautify the tooth
Dental implants
Will the installation of the tooth fixture look normal on the teeth?
It will certainly look natural on the teeth if done with the best dentist, it will be natural in color and bite and tooth length and shape.

Although dental crowns have many benefits that reflect positively on the health of the individual and his psychological comfort to appear beautiful and desired, but those combinations may involve some damage such as:

  • difficulty in speaking and, swallowing food.
  • An increase in saliva in the post-installation period.
  • Increased sensitivity especially when drinking hot or cold drinks. Here are the other most important complications in the:
  • Fixed teeth differ in appearance, color and luster from real teeth, especially those covered with porcelain.
  • Pain in the jaw if the crown is in any shape, broken or displaced.

The installation is preceded by the removal of the missing tooth nerve completely.

Crowns require great need for care and attention by brushing your teeth after at least every meal, before bed, and reducing the use of colorful foods, tea and coffee.

It requires a regular visit to a doctor to check her durability and perform her work properly.

Moving dental crowns

It consists of a metal base and is placed on top of an artificial gum used to make up for the deficiency of all or part of the teeth.

 It depends on its stability on sticking to the gums and needs special attention.

At the beginning of its use, it may feel strange, which leads to discomfort, especially when talking or laughing.

But these symptoms will be reduced when you get used to dental formulas.

Here are the most important tips and guidelines for the care of moving dental crown

Use a brush and paste to clean the crown and each week the formula must soak seven or eight hours in a medical solution.

When cleaning the formula, make sure it’s on a sink filled with water.

Before bed, place the tooth formula in a glass with water to protect it from dehydration, which can lead to infections.

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