dental filling

dental filling

How to make a dental filling

The cavity is a hole that the Caries leave after the destroys part of the tooth. The tooth that contains the bacteria formed by the Caries. If it is not examined, this caries will spread and spread the tooth. During the filling procedures, dentists usually clean the caries inside the cavity using the drill before removing the caries. It prevents more damage, but it does not repair damage, which occurred to the age and here comes the time and place to use the fillings.

dental filling

The dental filling work to replace part of the destroyed tooth with tooth decay, the dentist works by forming it to fit the shape of the surrounding teeth to restore the strength and integrity of the teeth and prevent cavities from entering the weakened area.

How it works:

The dentist will anesthetize decomposing teeth or teeth that will be treated using a local anesthetic that is injected into the area, and the gums and jaw will also be numbed around the teeth as soon as the dentist confirms that the anesthesia is sound they use the drill bit to remove the caries

dental filling

Thus, after a decay doctor removes the teeth and prepares the tooth, they place the filling. The specific method used to insert the filling depends on the type of filling you get.

These fillings are the most used ones and those that simulate the color of the teeth are very durable and can last up to 15 years with very good oral hygiene and with poor oral hygiene the time is much shorter to last, when the dentist first puts the filling in the form of a paste when entering the cavity is done Forming the compound dough with the precise shape of the socket

Consequently, the fillings are placed in layers that fill the cavity at the end, after correctly placing and forming each layer that is treated in its place, the doctor will achieve this using a bright ultraviolet light to harden it very quickly in a process called photolymerization, polymerization of the existing fillings using fast ultraviolet radiation Very safe and effective at the end, the vehicle’s fillings fill the cavity completely, appear natural and restore dental functions very effectively.

It is advised to go to the dentist continuously to ensure the safety of the fillings and the teeth, as it is advised to visit the doctor when a tooth decay occurs until the necessary procedures are taken before the situation worsens.

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