dental floss

dental floss

The importance of using dental floss

means of cleaning the teeth, but some believe that the tooth floss has no importance except that it works with a very high efficiency of up to 40% to remove the adhesive bacteria or the so-called plaque on the teeth, and these bacteria called plaque secrete acid It causes tooth decay, irritation of the gums, and leads to gum disease in general, and each tooth consists of five surfaces, and when dental floss is not used, food remains may remain stuck on two surfaces of the tooth, and it is worth noting that the thread is the only thing that can enter In that very narrow space between the teeth and works to remove bacteria, the use of the thread was almost neglected in young people, but gum disease leads to lack of teeth can destroy the aesthetics of the smile, and the people who use the floss, their teeth appear more beautiful when progressing In age and here lies the importance of using dental floss.

 Dental floss types

After talking about the importance of using floss, we should mention their types, as most floss consist of nylon or Teflon materials, both of which are equally effective, and people who have greater distances between their teeth or who suffer from loss of gum tissue that reveals the roots of the teeth tend to get It results in better using a wide flat tape of the teeth, but if the teeth are very close to each other then the use of a thin thread may be better, which is considered to be resistant to narrow areas.

Dental floss method

To get the desired effect from floss it must be used in the correct way first, by wrapping the dental floss in the form of a semicircle or letter C, then inserting the floss between the teeth and trying to cover an area of ​​one of the entire tooth surfaces, but the dental floss should cover the area of ​​the radius The tooth is from every angle, and you should make sure to move the thread to the top and bottom of the tooth along the outer surface and under the gum tissue, and although its use is simple, many people neglect its use, and the use of a regular thread can help limit the development of cavities in the tooth, but In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the use for a long period of time, and attention must be paid to the importance of using the dental floss properly, and this depends on the person himself and his self-monitoring of himself.

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