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Dental sealant

Dental sealant

sealant is a thin plastic layer on which masticating surfaces of mills are coated to prevent decay.

This protective material is a liquid that can penetrate the bumps and cracks in the teeth, and then solidifies with blue light, creating a protective shield for these many decayed surfaces.

What are the reasons for using sealant?

Although thorough brushing and dental floss removal removes food and bacteria residues from most surfaces of teeth, the chewing surfaces of the back mills are very rough, and contain many cracks that are difficult for the brush to reach and clean. The mill guard protects these threatened areas because it clogs these cracks and thereby prevents food and bacteria residues from entering and multiplying there, and creates a soft surface that can be easily cleaned.

What is the appropriate age to put a sealant?

Because children and adolescents are the most vulnerable to decay,

the mill guard is an ideal solution for this age group. But adults can also benefit from sealant.

Sometimes a sealant can be applied to milky teeth.

For example, when there are large concavities or cracks in the teeth. Because milky teeth play

a very important role in maintaining the permanent tooth space that follows,

it is necessary to keep them free from decay so that the doctor does not have to remove them.

How is Dental sealant applied?

The process of applying a dental sealant is a simple, painless procedure that requires only a few minutes.

The steps involved in applying a dental sealant are as follows:

  1. It cleans the tooth to be put on a dental sealant well.

  1. The tooth is dried well and a piece of cotton or more is placed around the tooth to keep it dry.

  1. The doctor puts an acid solution on the masticated surfaces to become more rough, and thus the sealant can better penetrate the tooth.

  1. The doctor removes the acid, cleans the tooth, and dries it.

  1. The sealant is coated on the enamel layer where the dental sealant sticks directly to the tooth, and then the doctor uses a special blue-colored medical light to help the dental sealant harden.

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