Dry cough

Dry cough
With the onset of winter, we note that most of those around us get coughs, as various viral diseases spread, making most of people’s attention about dry cough and its causes and treatment methods.
People go to different ways to treat chronic and normal dry cough, some of whom tend to take home remedies, while others prefer medications prescribed by their doctor.

differs from other types of cough in that it may not necessarily be associated with influenza or other seasonal viral diseases, but that accompanying and continuing to any of them may be caused by other health reasons.

• Congestion and runny nose.
• Annoying congestion in the throat.
• Swelling of the throat as a result of swelling of the lymph nodes.
• Whistling sounds.
• Feeling nauseous.
• The appearance of different symptoms similar to exposure to influenza.
• Vomiting.
• The occurrence of bleeding of the gums.
• Fatigue and fatigue. When does a it become a medical emergency?

• Consult your doctor immediately if:
• If you have a dry cough is less than 5 years old.
• If a dry cough contains mucus or blood.
• If dry cough is associated with shortness of breath.
• If you have a dry cough mainly at night, it is accompanied by a feeling of pain for longer than 10 days.
• If you’re a smoker.
• If you have high fever, persistent headaches or a rash or ear infections.
• If you have lost a lot of weight and suffer muscle pain.
• If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma or stomach problems.
• If you are pregnant or during breastfeeding, certain medications can affect your health and your baby’s health.
• If you are taking other medications continuously or during your dry cough.
• If you are allergic to certain medications.

can be treated by:
Medications: can be treated simply through medications prescribed by your doctor, or sometimes the pharmacist.
• Steam sessions, in which the patient inhales hot vapor that reduces cough.
• Naturalrecipes, there are some home remedies that may work in the treatment of dry cough

Consult your doctor at Ram clinics when you have the flu or cough to treat it.

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