Dry hair care

Dry hair care

Most people on different races suffer from various problems that form the health of hair, everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair, and that the hair may be dry and brittle, then the hair becomes damaged, so dry hair occurs when the tuft loses the necessary moisture, if it becomes as dull and damaged, therefore Because this is due to the effect of hair with a group of things, such as lack of nutrition, frequent washing, and an increase in the use of hair treatments such as dye, and many others, and dry hair usually causes split ends, and it is evident at the ends of the ends of the hair if they are broken, and branches of it branch off Short and improper, and good luck. There are many actions and tips that contribute to the treatment of damaged hair, contribute to restoring its vitality and preventing its damage.

Dry hair care

Dry hair care photos vary according to their type, and revealing hair type is the first step in proper hair care. Hair is classified into three different types: dry, oily and normal. This classification is based on determining the degree of dryness or oily hair according to the secretions of sebaceous glands in the scalp

There is also a determination of the type of hair due to its external texture and the ratio of keratin made up of curly, wavy and smooth. On this basis, different types of care can be discovered according to the type of hair. Below are the types of dry and curly hair care
Dry hair is distinguished by its pale appearance and low scaling of natural oils on the scalp, so it is most vulnerable to breakage and roughness.

Dry hair care

Maintaining dry hair initially needs to determine the appropriate care products for it. It is better to choose oily products that are found on extracts of natural oils to treat hair and scalp than a lack of fatty secretions that contribute to moisturizing the hair properly

Dry and damaged hair is a natural reason for continuous use of hair dryers and hair stabilizers as well as water containing salinity and a very hot or very dry climate. Therefore, hair care must be done in time and attention to hair in order to protect the health of hair. Dry hair is subject to breakage and damage, which negatively affects a person’s face and skin. She feels dull and lacks shine.

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