Dry lips

Dry lips

Everyone maintains healthy lips because of their radiant role in showing the beauty and vitality of the face. But sometimes the lips may become dehydrated, and the cracking of their tissue and redness may affect painful sores. As for the reasons that cause dry and chapped lips, they are many, including: exposure to various harsh weather on the skin, smoking, lack of some vitamins, and others. Some people may use lip moisturizers, which contribute to solving the problem of dryness, but therefore the problem of dehydration does not return again. The good thing about this is that there are many natural methods that help using it to moisturize the lips and prevent their dryness, as they are safe and inexpensive a lot, the lack of tissue on the skin of the lips on sebaceous glands becomes more prone to dehydration, and any factor or width that reduces moisture, which becomes exposed to dehydration quickly Unlike the rest of the body, so many people get dry lips for many reasons.

Dryness of the lips affects cracks in the lips, and this produces two intertwined lips because there are factors including the weather and some bite of the lips. Their dryness is normal. In addition, there are enzymes in the saliva that increase the dryness and cracking of the lips and that they are in the color from pink to black

Different vitamins are all important to health, but exaggerating them into the body is not good, and that is their benefits. For example, excess vitamin A affects dryness and irritation of the lips.

Lips dryness is one of the well-known cases that form for most people, so treating dryness of the lips in easy ways, and preventive precautions can be taken to prevent dry lips and there are no lips on oily glands, and that the lips are more infected with dehydration and chapping, thus in the absence of something external moisture that may cause On that, problems occur and the weather and lack of interest in the work of dehydration and cracking may cause on the other hand the toothpaste also has a place in dry lips, because it contains many quantities of major sodium lauryl and this substance helps to dry the lips a lot.

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