effect of virus on body

The effect of the virus on the body

The new corona virus can enter the body when breathing or touching a contaminated surface with it, and later works by fighting the cells lining the throat and air passages in the lungs, and it works to multiply to make many numbers of new viruses that fight more cells. In this initial case, symptoms of the disease will not be revealed Thus, it works to firmly hold itself inside the body until the first symptoms begin to come out.

effect of virus on body

After the incubation period of the body has advanced for the virus, it begins to fight against the cells of the respiratory system, and soon the symptoms become in the back of the throat. Airway or lung sac. Symptoms of the SK virus are formed during this condition

A report came out that the Corona virus not only damages the lungs, but also damages the heart, kidneys and liver. A newspaper showed that doctors all over the world know and have arguments to indicate that it can affect a large number of disorders, not composed of the lungs, including Heart inflammation, acute kidney disease, neurological dysfunction, blood clots, intestinal damage and liver disorder.

effect of virus on body

And a nephrologist at Yale University School of Medicine spoke, saying that nearly half of the HIV-infected, who have been hospitalized, have blood or protein in their urine, which is as early kidney damage and that early information also reveals that 14 to 30% of The injured are the existing care unit in New York and Wuhan, China, where the virus appeared, losing kidney work and having to dialysis or repeated treatment. This is a large rate of people who are infected with this problem. So that’s a new thing. They believe that it is very possible for the Corona virus to communicate with and damage kidney cells.

And some research also suggests that the virus can fight the liver. And it is possible that he can make blood clots in the veins of the legs and other vessels, thus it can separate and go to the lung and work to death due to pulmonary embolism.

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