Eye sensitivity

Eye sensitivity

Eye sensitivity



Many of us are exposed to eyes allergies, so what are their causes?


One of the most famous causes of eye inflammation is allergic conjunctivitis is conjunctivitis caused by an allergic reaction and conjunctivitis (a thin membrane that covers the inner surface of the eyelids and the front of the eye solid) and the infection occurs in childhood, and there is improvement in most cases at puberty, and it is more important Its causes are the interaction of environmentally present external substances and influences with the conjunctivitis of the eye, leading to the secretion of chemicals such as histamine and others that lead to inflammation of the eye and allergies.



What are the symptoms of eye allergies?


Signsand symptoms

Symptoms vary from patient to patient, whether in severity, recurrence, or causes of the disease. Eye allergies may be accompanied by other allergies in the body and the condition usually beginswith:


  • Redness in the eyelid
  • Itch
  • Eye burn
  • The sensation of foreign objects
  • Sensation of roughness in the surface of the eye
  • Tears drop frequently with the presence of thread discharge (uncles) especially in the morning.

Treatment of Eye sensitivity

Treatment consists of preventive treatment, drug therapy, and prevention plays a very important role in the treatment of eye allergies, especially if the causes of allergies are known. Here are the treatment methods and control of the condition:


Preventive treatment

Preventive treatment means using all means to help control symptoms, such as:


Make cold water compresses using a soft towel wet with bar water and put them on the eyes for at least ten minutes and repeat it several times that will relieve the symptoms.

Don’t scratch your eye, it can cause an increase in disease…

Industrial tears

These are moisturizing drops for the eye that can be used to clean the eye, which relieves symptoms, and positively they are without effects and side effects.




So after knowing all this, how do we prevent eye allergies?


  1. Avoid allergens, especially pollen, dust, dust and air pollutants.
  2. Avoid sunlight, high temperatures, and stay away from places that help the appearance of this allergy.
  3. Not rubbing the eye at all, rubbing the eyes can make things worse, as it can cause fat cells to release more chemicals that cause itching.
  4. Apply cold water compresses to the eye several times a day.  
  5. The use of good sunglasses with uv filter and polarizing feature that prevents the reflected rays from flat surfaces from entering the eye, thus protecting the eye from strong sunlight, as well as protecting the eye from dust and dust.
  6. Do not use contact lenses because they increase the symptoms of allergies.
  7. Ladies should avoid wearing make-up and cosmetics for the eye area and around it, these substances increase eye sensitivity.
  8.  Take care of the comfort and cleanliness of the eye and take the right amount of sleep for the health and safety of the eye.
  9. Do not bring pets home, wash hands constantly after dealing with animals, and change clothes as soon as they enter the house.
  10. Getting rid of household allergens such as dust, dirt and fungi, by washing sheets and pillow covers with hot water, cleaning floors with a wet mop, and not sweeping dust in a dry way because it helps to spread allergens in the house, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, household appliance bases and corners regularly, where household fungi grow in these places.
  11. Do not go out during the period when air currents and dust increase in the atmosphere.





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