False diabetes

False diabetes

False diabetes
Symptoms of pseudo diabetes
The main complaint in the case of pseudo diabetes is the excessive feeling of thirst, and the removal of large amounts of diluted urine, ranging from two and a half liters to about fifteen liters of urine depending on the severity of the condition and the amount of water consumed daily.
Other symptoms of the disease
High temperature,
Vomiting, diarrhea.
Involuntary urination.
Dry skin with cool ends
Delayed development in children.
Weight loss.
unjustified feeling of sadness and crying.

Causes of the disease

False diabetes

Pseudo-diabetes occurs when the mechanism by which your body regulates the discharge of water and the fluid swells is disrupted, the blood and urine formation are filtered by the kidneys under the influence of the anti-diuretic hormone Vasopressin, which is responsible for the concentration and dilution of the resulting urine.
This mechanism is sometimes disrupted when the pituitary gland of the vasopressin is dislocated, either after surgical removal or as a result of a tumor, or as a result of a head injury or inflammation of the enclosed meningococcal membranes of the brain, which affects the production and storage of the hormone. Pseudo-diabetes is also caused by a malfunction in the urine-nominated kidney tubes, resulting in the loss of large amounts of water in the urine, which is called pseudo-kidney sugar, a condition that is sometimes genetically inherited and affects males more than females, and is caused by certain medications such as lithium at other times. Pseudo-diabetes also occurs during pregnancy or as a result of a defect in the center of thirst in the brain.

Complications of pseudo diabetes cause lying diabetes to lose large amounts of water, and keep less of what the body needs to function properly, leading to a dryness in the body that appears as:
Dry mouth.
Muscle weakness.
High temperature.
Weight loss.
Accelerated heartbeat.

Diagnosis of lying diabetes due to the similarity of the symptoms of pseudo diabetes with other conditions, a number of tests are performed to diagnose the condition as false diabetes, and the type of pseudo diabetes is also determined for different treatment methods. Urine analysis is performed, a water deprivation test is performed that helps determine the cause of pseudo-sugar, and an MRI is performed in some cases to ensure the integrity of the pituitary gland.

• Drink enough liquid to prevent dehydration.
• Medications to relieve thirst and make urination at normal rates.

The disease cannot be prevented at this time, but most people can lead normal lives when following the doctor’s recommendations and controlling symptoms and signs.

If you suspect your diabetes, please visit your nearest doctor at Ram clinics to check your health.

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