Filler is often made of a natural substance produced by our bodies and is present in large quantities in the youth stage, which makes the skin radiant and fresh, but with age this substance decreases in the body so many wrinkles and lines and the face seems small andslender.

There are several types of filler


It is a natural substance found under the skin extracted from human skin or from animals especially cows, so it is completely safe on the skin, collagen is injected under the skin accurately to improve its shape and texture, collagen has been used for a very long time so it has been confirmed its safety by testing it on the skin many times, as it is one of the cheapest types of filler that is used and the method of injectionis very simple which makes many people offer to useit.

Collagen causes allergies in 3% of women so it should be tested on the skin twice before injection, once a month and once two weeks ago to make sure the body accepts it.
Collagen is used to fill sometimes scars or signs of mild injuries, in order to reduce their presence on the skin and here shows the difference between Botox and Feller because Botox cannot be used to relieve scars or marks in the skin.

The effect of collagen on the skin often lasts for 2-3 months, because the collagen injected into the skin eventually seeps intothe bodyparts.

You should avoid touching the skin after an injection or using any substances on the skin for at least three days for possible skin irritation, which may be as long as a week for some.




It is one of the best alternative to collagen filler, and is injected to significantly improve wrinkles and folds. Restyllin is found naturally in the skin also contains hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin its healthy plump shape, and with age the proportion of this substance decreases and the skin begins to shrink, and restyllin is better than collagen because its effect extends from 6-12 months, as it Makes the face appear more naturally full of collagen due to the presence of hyaluronic acid, as this substance is not derived from an animal source so it does not cause allergic reactions such as collagen, however there are some side effects after injection, such as nausea, headaches and muscle weakness but in a very small percentage ofpatients.
Swelling and redness may occur after injection in injected areas, so you should keep the skin clean as much as possible, preferably using anti-inflammatories in injected areas in order to avoid increased inflammation, and to keep the result of filler injections should keep the ratio of hyaluronic acid in the body as high as possible, using creams and natural substances containing this substance such as
Japanese seaweed.



This substance is also a type of filler, but it is not a natural substance such as collagen and restyline, because it is a material made from polymer any organic material that is prepared in practice, but this polymer has been used for decades in many medical processes so it is safe health, these are injected The subcutaneous substance works to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen naturally, so it is not a filler in the general sense but it is a catalyst for the production of natural collagen, which increases the thickness of the skin in the injected place, and is also licensed by the U.S. Department of Health so it is safe touse.
This substance stands out among other substances in that its effect lasts for up to two years!

Since this substance is manufactured so there is no fear of irritation or sensitivity to the skin, however, there are those who are allergic to lydokin, a substance added to the polymer, so pay attention to this before injecting.

To maintain the effect of the substance, it is preferable to renew the injections more than once every month or two after the first injection, but then the injections can be renewed annually.
Some natural side effects occur after injections such as redness and swelling but they disappear in about a week and may take some weeks, as in rare cases there is a backlash which is clear and broad lines on the skin may take several months to disappear.
To maintain the shape of the skin after the injection, all you have to do is do a skin massage like your doctor told you to prevent the possibility of the material clumping under the skin.







It is a substance that works in the same way that scalptra works in stimulating the natural production of collagen in the skin, and is used in medical processes such as dentistry and bone and is safe for use on theskin.

Scalpetra is also used in facial sculpting, contouring and reshaping of some parts, as it is used to raise the lines of the mouth, lips and front lines resulting from aging well, and is also used in the treatment of scars resulting from grainand modifying its shape and the results last for 1-2 years.

The likelihood of skin allergies after injection is as low as the previous substances and there is no need to do a skin allergy test beforeinjection.



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