flu & corona

difference between flu & corona

The difference is that the two viruses cause the same symptoms, such as fever, cough, headache, muscles, and fatigue

Thus, when a person is infected in either of the two diseases, the patient becomes infected with fever or heat, and is few in the regular flu, but it is strong and is necessary when the patient is sick of the new corona, and may include vomiting and diarrhea, the same thing is tiredness and fatigue, where they become somewhat mild In an influenza patient, it is necessary to be acute and potent in the person with coronavirus

The symptoms are almost the same, and how the infection spreads and the transmission of infected people even though the Corona epidemic is spreading very quickly. The World Health Organization has uncovered and researched in detail the difference between coronavirus and influenza virus symptoms, the primal presentation and the potential crisis that could be made as a symptom pertaining to corona, is the unexpected elimination of the sense of smell or the sense of taste, at the level of that of not closing the nose.

The doctor said that it is difficult to know the difference between flu & corona, therefore, because the infections vary from one patient to another, stressing that the fever that influences the influenza almost reaches high temperatures than those of the patient with the Coronavirus.

 The doctor pointed out that most of the patients who were examined in the new corona were estimated to be 50 years old and over, and it was established that if the injured matter arrived to go to the hospital, then this indicates that the symptoms he had hit were severe and he needed medical attention and treatment, and also some of the injured arrived at the hospital with an abdominal pain. And strong diarrhea, which is dispersed in the examination, as these patients are usually examined, but with the spread of corona, we have become more careful, and in fact, cases of the virus have been detected after the detection of these symptoms

Thus, the appearance of difficulty breathing is due to the fact that a distinguishing factor in the infection of Crohna If the person does not have chest problems or a respiratory disorder and complains of significant breathing power, this is likely to be a warning of infection with the Corona virus, not the flu.

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