Fluoride for children

Fluoride for children

Fluoride for children is a very important topic for parents to understand. Many doctors have explained that toothpaste suitable for children up to 6 years old should contain it with a value not exceeding 500 ppm.

To find out the benefits of it and its impact on your child’s teeth, “Madam Net” met the dentist in the clinics of your diamond advisor, Sarah Sedky, to tell us about it:


What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a very important and useful material for dental health and safety, as it contains the most important component, which is fluorine. Fluoride also represents one of the effective means to prevent cavities, especially in childrens today.

Benefits of fluoride for children’s teeth:

  1. Prevents tooth damage and caries
  2. It is considered to be a decay-causing antibacterial
  3. Fluoride treatment is more suitable for teeth to prevent cavities


Tips after brushing your teeth with Fluoride for children:

  1. The brushing period should not be less than two minutes for the paste to become foam
  2. After finishing brushing the teeth, it is preferable to wash the mouth thoroughly with water
  3. Stay away from eating and drinking for a period of not less than half an hour


Where is fluoride found?

  1. Generally in drinking Fluoride water, if you look at a box of water you will find fluorine ingredients
  2. Fluoride-rich toothpaste
  3. Mouth wash
  4. Topical fluoride used in dental clinics
  5. Some foods such as (potatoes, especially husks, they contain a high percentage of fluoride, tomatoes, beans, red tea)


Fluoride damage to your child’s health:

Increasing the percentage of it in the body leads to several damages, including the brain and the thyroid gland, as well as weakening and breaking the bone, but the most important effect on the teeth and their safety in adults, especially children.


When do children use it?

Usually, the use of Fluoride is applied to the teeth of children between 6 to 12 years old, preferably inside the clinic under the supervision of a specialist doctor in Ram Clinics every six months (twice during one year).


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