gargling & water

gargling & water

gargling with water and salt,

which is widely used and considered a natural remedy, is inexpensive, and is available in every home, in addition to that medicine is constructed in turn in the face of several diseases, including mild throat pain.

Here are the benefits of water and salt gargle technology and its harms.

Benefits of gargling with water and salt

Gargling contributes to facing several diseases related to the oral space:

1-  of sore throat

 Gargling effectively helps against cold and cold, which causes slight sore throat, while it is advised to combine it with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) in the case of more severe inflammation, after consulting a doctor.

2- Reducing sinus infections and respiratory infections

Studies also indicate that gargling contributes to reducing the extent of transmission in sinus and respiratory infections.

Where studies indicated that gargling with water and salt would be more effective than influenza vaccine.

3- Prevention of allergies

gargling & water salt faces sore throats caused by allergens, such as cats, spring pollen, dogs.

4- Maintaining oral health

Gargling may be one of the most effective ways to counteract accumulated bacteria in the mouth, as the salty environment does not allow the bacteria to multiply and contribute to cleansing the mouth.

Here are a number of phenomena that gargle addresses in the mouth:


Oral Candida

Mouth ulcers

It has been scientifically proven that salt helps absorb water from the tissues of the mouth, while forming a barrier in front of it and in front of pathogens to return to it.

5- Prevention of dental problems

Gargling with water and salt can prevent many dental problems, including:

Protect crowns

Reduces toothache

Prevent bacterial deposits in the teeth

How do we gargle?

Melt a quarter to half a tablespoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water.

 Rinse with water well

Hold it at your throat to sterilize your throat

Spit it in the sink

Try not to swallow salt water because high salt levels in the blood can lead to high blood pressure and a lack of calcium.

This dose is recommended twice daily, but you can practice gargle more than that in case you succeed in abstaining from swallowing water.

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