hair type

hair type

hair type

How do you know what your hair is like?

Following the following steps:
• Wash the hair in the usual way with water and shampoo, then dry it.
• Stay away from using an electric paddle, because it affects the degree of dry hair.
• Avoid using oils or hair care products. T
• Kick the hair down without tying it up for 12 hours while sleeping.
• Note the type of hair in the morning, if the hair is greasy, the scalp will contain a lot of oily secretions, but if the hair is dry, it will notice dry scalp, in addition to the absence of any oily secretions in it, but if the hair is normal the amount of oily secretions in the scalp will be limited, and if it is mixed hair, its fruit will be oily, or its limbs will be cut.

We will separate three types of hair starting with dry:
Qualities of normal hair
• It’s neither greasy nor dry.
• It seems to retain its form many times.
• It’s not oily, even if it’s been a long time since it’s been bathed.

How to care for normal hair
• Cut his limbs periodically, every month.
• Wash twice a week, keeping out of shampoo daily.
• Commitment to a healthy and integrated diet.
• Hairstyle in different directions.
• Commitment to the use of hair care products.
• Choose a shampoo that is suitable for hair type.
• Avoid hair styling violently. Avoid tying hair immediately after washing.

Oily oily hair qualities
• It needs frequent washing to get rid of oily secretions.
• Easy to off.

Causes of hair greasy
• Hypersecretion of the fatty substance, due to hormone disorder.
• over-hairstyle.
• Excessive sweating.
• Eat high-fat foods.

How to care for fatty hair
• Drink plenty of water, equivalent to seven glasses per day.
• Use an appropriate type of shampoo.
• Massage and hairstyle regularly.
• Reduce high-fat foods and increase fresh food.

And third, mixed hair.
Mixed hair qualities
• Oily at the scalp, puns and dry at the extremities.
Explaining the quality of hair mixed
• Overuse of shampoo.
• Constant exposure to sunlight.
• Overuse of hair conditioners.

How to care for mixed hair
• Use creams for mixed hair.
• Washing hair with shampoo for children.

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