Hair vitamins

Hair vitamins

Hair vitamins for a better result

If you suffer from hair loss, we advise you to read this article, if you want to know everything related to vitamins, in this article we review the different types of vitamins important for hair.

Some vitamin have proven their ability to nourish hair and help re-lengthen it, especially for those who suffer from hair loss or light hair follicles, as eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes nutrients, would maintain the health of hair and its growth, while there are factors that limit Make it healthy.

Can hair extension pills be used to treat split ends? What are the best pills to maintain hair and the best pills to nourish hair? The saying (the health of the hair is the health of the body) is correct. And lead to its fall, such as: genetic factors, and hormonal imbalance, and in this article a mention of the most important vitamins useful for hair, and some advice that must be taken; To keep hair healthy.

Vitamin B12, which stimulates cell growth, which is necessary for healthy growth; and stimulating blood access to the hair follicles and its fur as it prevents hair loss and helps absorb iron.

Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins that contribute to germination and strengthening of hair.

Vitamin D for hair Vitamin D is obtained through the sun’s rays, the most important vitamins for the body. It is useful in treating hair loss and hair loss in men. It strengthens hair follicles, making them healthier, enhancing hair growth and giving it a high density. As its increase helps hair grow, new hair follicles grow, and its decrease causes hair loss.

Folic acid Folic acid can be obtained by consuming vitamins, as it is found in all whole wheat grains, folic acid prevents graying, maintaining hair moisture, and making it thicker and shinier.

Iron is an important mineral for increasing hair growth and making it soft and strong; As iron transports oxygen to the cells; To perform its functions effectively.

Zinc maintains the hormonal balance in the body, which is a powerful factor in hair loss; As its presence reduces hair loss and the emergence of white hair.

Magnesium is a mineral that promotes the health of hair follicles and their healthy growth

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