Hand sweats

Hand sweats

Hand sweats

Hyperhidrosis does not occur as a result of an increase in temperature or as a result of exercise. This is evident on the clothes as if they were wet especially under the armpits, or on the hands or feet, which makes the person embarrassed with the surrounding community. He/she may not be able to hold the pen, shake hands with others, or drive a car, which may disrupt normal daily activities. The problems of the armpits usually begin in late adolescence, while the problem of sweating of the hands and feet begins at an early age, on average at the age of 13 years. It may continue throughout the life span, and treatment is carried out using antiperspirants, and if these medications do not work, they may resort to other medications, and in severe cases the doctor may suggest surgery to either remove the glands or to separate the nerves responsible for excessive secretion of sweat. In some cases, the underlying cause of hyperhidrosis may be found and treated.


The reason for hyperhidrosis in fact is that sweating in the normal way works to keep the body cold, and people sweat in the most natural position when it is hot or when exercising, or when they are exposed to situations that require anger, embarrassment, or fear. As for the condition of hyperhidrosis, whether in the hands or other areas of the body, the sweating also occurs without exposure to these effects, and is the result of the presence of excessive sweat glands, which makes it difficult for the person to control his sweating, and cause discomfort. Hyperhidrosis is divided into two types


  • Primary hyperhidrosis: where primary hyperhidrosis is triggered when the cause of excessive sweating is unknown and is transmitted in families and often occurs in hands, feet, head and face, and under the armpits.
  • Secondary hyperhidrosis: Secondary hyperhidrosis is defined as sweating that occurs as a result of other health conditions or as a side effect of a particular drug, and is characterized by it affects the entire body or a specific area of it, and this can also happen during sleep.



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