Healthy Gum

Healthy Gum

Healthy Gum


Healthy gums are an important factor for strong teeth. The gums are made of soft tissue, such as the skin, and cover the bones that support the teeth. It sheaths tightly under your teeth, reducing the area where plaque bacteria can grow.


The color of the healthy gums is pink or light coral, but it can contain other pigments depending on your ethnic origin.


Any changes in the gums, such as changing their color to red, swelling, or bleeding when brushing or flossing, or beginning to recede, are signs of gum disease.


The main cause of gum disease is the accumulation of plaque bacteria along the gum line (where the gum meets the teeth). If not removed by periodic brushing and flossing, it can lead to irritation and gingivitis, which is one of the first and treatable stages of periodontal disease.

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease and leads to redness, swelling and bleeding in the tissues of the gums, especially when brushing or flossing teeth, or taking a bite from harsh food such as apples.


Gingivitis is treatable, so it is important to check with your dentist and understand the symptoms before they develop into other problems.



Failure to treat gingivitis may weaken the gingival and dental fusion, which allows the formation of small voids or “sinuses”. Over time, failure to treat these sinuses increases in depth and develops into one of the most serious forms of gum disease that has no treatment, and is called inflammatory tissue support, which can cause Tooth loss.



Regular visits at your Ram Clinics dentist to clean your gum helps you protect it. Also, Gingivitis when responding quickly is easily treatable by a dentist, so it is very important to review your dentist or health doctor periodically, as he\she can notice gum problems before any symptoms of gingivitis appear.

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