Hemorrhoid, anal warts and anal fistulas

Hemorrhoids are vascular tissue “arteries and veins” found naturally in the anus. . The mucous layer covers the anus. It may be internal or external. Warts are skin increases in the anal area – mostly inflammatory in origin. The differentiation is only by examination by the doctor.

hemorrhois may not be very dangerous, but the amount of pain it brings with it is almost unbearable, and while it may expire with topical ointments, it may need greater intervention sometimes. Here are 8 basic information that everyone should know about the hemorrhoids.

1- We all have a hemorrhoid!

A hemorrhoid is a natural anal tissue that we all have to give our body extra support in the anal canal in order to prevent stool and gas leakage.

 So even though the hemorrhoid patient may be surprised at first sight when he knows this, in reality we are all vulnerable to infection in it after this tissue becomes thick.

When does the hemorrhoid become painful?

What makes hemorrhoids painful for us is not their presence, but their enlargement that usually results from abdominal pressure, whether it is the result of strong tension due to chronic and acute constipation, or the high weight of the abdomen, especially for a pregnant woman, or the result of running and running for long distances.

The expansion and enlargement of the hemorrhoids results in a greater flow of blood into the veins and consequently more nerve activity and more contact with the veins, which leads to acute pain.

External hemorrhoids: They are located at the anus directly, are covered with skin and contain sensory nerves, so when external hemorrhoids are affected you will feel pain, itching and burning.

Internal hemorrhoids: They are located inside the anal canal, so you cannot see them. These hemorrhoids are not covered with skin, so pressure on them may cause them to bleed.

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