Hidden caries

Hidden caries

Hidden caries .. for this some people feel the pain of the teeth without reason

Some people experience severe toothache without knowing its causes at the time when there are no signs of their teeth indicating the presence of problems justifying the occurrence of pain, and hidden decay is one of the most common causes of uncomplicated pain, says Dr. Kamel Hussein Kamel, consultant of maxillofacial surgery, Caries is contagious from one tooth to another or molar tooth in the mouth of the same person, and this infection occurs through the tongue, because it transmits the infection and bacteria from the affected tooth to the other teeth.  there is a type of caries that is transmitted between the teeth, which is invisible. It can be seen with the naked eye, and sometimes the doctor can only see it with the use of “X” rays, indicating that it may occur like normal decay due to the large consumption of sweets and sugars and their interaction with bacteria inside the mouth and between the folds of the teeth. And if caries occurs, it cannot be removed except by using the cleaning and filling process that is done in a known manner. Kamel confirms that there are some preventive measures against dental caries infection that cause hidden caries, so care must be taken in using brushes, putty and dental cleaning tools. such as medical thread and miswak to avoid infection.

All teeth are vulnerable to the occurrence of caries at any time, but the presence of some factors is associated with an increased risk of caries in the teeth, and one of these factors is the location of the teeth: as caries occurs mostly in the posterior teeth, which are molars and premolars, because it has many cavities and pits Where leftovers can accumulate, so it is difficult to clean these back teeth compared to the softest front teeth, which are easy to reach and clean properly.

You should see a dentist at once if you suspect your tooth decay or notice a change in color. The dentist helps you keep your teeth healthy

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