hollywood smile

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile . We all dream of a celebrity-like smile. Hollywood Smile technology is a removable veneer layer as a full cover for all teeth however it can be removed and it does not require teeth drilling and can be installed without pain during two treatment sessions only and is seen as a growing and less costly and a temporary cosmetic solution to show a clear white smile. Snap on Smile is available in our clinics and at most dental clinics in your area.

  • Moving Hollywood Smile (Snapon Smile)

We all dream of a wonderful smile similar to that of a celebrity. The moving Hollywood smile technology is a removable finier layer as a full cover for all teeth can be removed and differs from the constant Hollywood smile that does not require installation cold or dental pits and can be installed without pain during only two therapeutic sessions and is considered increasing lyness as a less expensive and a temporary cosmetic solution shows a clear white smile and is available in our clinic and most dental clinics  in your area.

When do I need Snap on Smile or Moving Hollywood Smile ?

– To fill the voids of teeth

– For those who want to have a Hollywood smile at the lowest cost and the shortest time.

– For those who use moving dental combinations and want a suitable alternative.

– For those who have pigmentation on the teeth.

– Beautify the smile resulting from the change of color and cracks of the teeth.

Some of snapon smile’s  or Moving Hollywood Smile  most important features include:

  1. No pain at all.
  2. Do notrequire digging or returning teeth.
  3. The operation is performed without anesthesia and without permanent adhesives on theteeth.
  4. A simple and safe process.
  5. It is done during two treatment sessionsonly.
  6. Good types of them are not affected by coffee dyes and do not change color bysmoking.
  7. Cheap compared to hollywood’s fixedsmile.

Make sure you choose the best doctor and the best dental clinic to get the Moving Hollywood Smile


 For anyone who wishes to perform the installation of the moving smile should choose the best doctor and the         best clinic.

              Can I eat while having Snap on Smile?

Doctors do not recommend eating when installing Snap on Smile because it can affect it in a bad way as the mobile fenner can lose its color and shape as a result of drinking hot liquids such as tea and coffee.

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