How is Corona spread

How does the Corona virus spread?

Acts of disease prevention and disposal have established that corona disease can infect people through flying viruses during sneezing and coughing, which comes into contact with the nose or mouth and that infects the virus at another stage within the person being transmitted infection, and then it can transmit the virus to a person else

The interacting virus can infect people who come into contact with the patient and who meet with it at a distance of up to 2 meters in all directions. The virus can infect people in an unexpected way, it can be present on surfaces for 9 days before it is removed, and it infects people by contacting those The surfaces are with hands and touch on the nose or mouth after them. The virus infects the person’s body and reaches the chest. A person with the virus can transmit the infection even if no symptoms are detected, and the symptoms may last for two weeks until the onset of their appearance, and the World Health Organization has recognized the strongest symptoms of the Corona virus, which were discovered in the following
High fever, sneezing, coughing, pneumonia, fatigue, sore throat

How is Corona spread

People may experience transmission of the Corona virus due to other people who are infected with the virus. It is possible that the disease can pass from person to person through a spray that comes out of the nose or mouth when a person coughs the meanings of the Corona virus. This spray falls on objects and surfaces close to the person. And that is when other people become infected with the Corona virus virus when they come into contact with these purposes or surfaces and then hold their eyes, nose, or mouth. Thus it can infect people with corona disease if they touch the droplets that fall from the person with the disease with a cough or sneeze. Here, it is important for the crisis to move away from the sick person by a distance of more than one meter

Corona often infects humans from a person to a person, in a 14-day virus protection period, through contaminated fluid, contaminated hands, or surfaces contaminated with the virus. It is necessary to know how long corona needs on surfaces such as door handles, tables or keys and what are the proper methods that can be used to clean these surfaces, and kill the virus because it does not spread widely.

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