Hydrafacial for a fresh and healthy skin

Women always strive to obtain fresh, clean and healthy skin,

Hydra Facial is one of the best techniques that restore beauty to the face and youth,

as it is completely packed with strong antioxidants and this substance works to counteract the damage resulting from facing free radicals that result from the sun, pollution and stress.

These factors are the main reason for premature aging.

This technique not only cleanses the skin, but also accompanies a massage that reduces skin tension and affects its health.

Also, peeling the skin that is done with Hydra Facial technology stimulates blood circulation and thus affects the texture

of the skin and improves its color.

What is Hydrafacial technique

It is a technique to beautify the face that improves the appearance of the skin and also restores youthfulness to the skin,

as it uses an advanced technology that works to connect plant components with required nutrients such as hyaluronic acid

which is chestnut seed extract, which is the extract of red algae, zinc, magnesium and also peptides and copper.

The Hydra Facial technique is similar to the emery techniques that remove dead skin,

but the Hydra Facial technique is more effective and safer.

Hydra facial technology is carried out in six steps, to remove toxins from the skin and also remove dead skin,

as well as provide permanent moisture from the nutrients that restore and increase collagen levels.

Hydrafacial steps

The doctor initially cleanses the face from dust and dirt by washing the face and for women

we remove makeup with special cleaning creams depending on the skin type.

After that we remove dead skin cells and also clean the skin from dirt,

then the skin is peeling with eddy technology using a mixture of salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

Then we deeply and quickly cleanse the skin pores by making a massage with pressure on the fat in a proper way to remove the fat from the pores.

After that the pores are covered with an astringent mask to reduce the expansion of the pores after it has been emptied from the fats,

and we put appropriate medications and preparations for each skin, then we expose the face to ozone vapor after protecting the eye

The last step is to use the Fortex Post and this device treats skin problems such as fat accumulations as well as acne and blackheads.

Hydra facial technology features

This technique works to treat oily skin while getting rid of pimples, also works to improve fine lines and wrinkles,

this technique treats hyperpigmentation like dark spots, Hydra facial technique is used with chemical peels and some skin care products.

This technology also improves the appearance of the skin and cell renewal,

Hydra facial technology is very effective in moisturizing the skin, as it uses a solution rich in nutrients and penetrates deeply into the pores of the skin

to remove impurities and at the same time softens the skin, the most important characteristic of this technique also is that it is long-lasting .

This technique is considered one of the simplest techniques for treating the skin, as it only takes thirty minutes. The most important characteristic of this technique is that it is non-surgical and does not require a recovery period.

Also, this technique does not produce any pain and does not require an anesthetic, Hydra Facial technique is suitable for all skin types, so this technique has been admired by many and has become the most famous, the cost of Hydra Facial Facelifting technique is very low compared to surgical methods and its effect is very effective.

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