• What are the requirements of installment?


* The applicant should be of Saudi Nationality.

* Applicant's age should range between (21 and 60 year) when funding is terminated.

* Applicant's (Monthly Salary) should not be less than (4000) Saudi Riyal.


  • Is there a minimum value of the requested installment?


Yes, the requested installment value should be at least (3000) Riyal.


  • Can the client choose multiple services and form a package of services according to his/her needs that worth (2000 Riyal) or more?


Yes, he can.

For example, two Laser sessions cost (1000 Riyal. 500) for each session.

Body filler session costs (1900) Riyal.

The overall value of this request is (3400) Riyal which makes the client eligible for installment request.


4-How long is the period of installment?


Installment period with zero interests which means installment in value equal to cash value is as the following:


* 6 months for requests of value that range between (3000 - 10000) Riyal

* 1 year for requests of value of (10,000) Riyal and more.


5-Is it possible to request for installment period longer than a year?


Yes, it is possible. However, in such case there will be interests according to Tamweel ALOla company's policy.


6-What are the requirements to apply for installment in the clinics?


* ID copy

* Filled form of installment request.

* Filled form to authorize Tamweel AlOla company to pay RAM clinics.

* Filled form of buying pledge.


7-How the installment rescheduling is being done?


The applicant should pledge to pay the installment full value throughout a period not less than 6 months and not more than a year.


8-What are the operations and services which are included in the agreement?


All the medical services that RAM clinics provides.





9-What are the conditions of RAM funding?


The applicant cannot add or delete or replace any of the services that were approved in the installment request form. The applicant cannot request a refund of any cost in case his request for installment was denied by Tamweel AlOla company.




*I confirm that I applied for the installment request under my full responsibility. RAM, clinics are not to be hold responsible if my request was denied by Tamweel AlOla company.


*I do not object to communicate with both RAM clinics and Tamweel AlOla company throughout the next period.


I am client and I confirm that my personal information in this form is true. If this information turned out to be false, I would bear the legal responsibility.


I consent to provide (Tamweel AlOla company) with any data and information they request to establish my account on the company or for the purpose of managing and reviewing the account. I authorize the company to obtain what it needs of my personal information or the information related to my account in the company or any other account in the possession of the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH).


I confirm the company's right to disclose my personal information on the aforementioned account or any other account in the possession of Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) through Information Sharing Agreement or to any party the Saudi Arabian Agency (SAMA) decided to share the information with.


I confirm the legitimacy of the source of income that is being used in Tamweel AlOla.







Terms and Conditions for Installment

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