Invisible braces

Invisible braces

Invisible braces
Invisible braces are used to solve simple and medium dental problems, not complex ones, such as a slight spacing between teeth, not sharp spacing, and moderate dental contention, so the doctor determines whether this orthodontics is appropriate for your condition or not.

What is the way to have Invisible braces?
When the dentist determines that Invisible braces is appropriate for your situation, he will begin to develop a plan for your case, and choose an invisible braces according to the measurements he will take, as you may get more than one orthodontic and adjust it, depending on your condition to move the teeth.

How long is does invisible braces take ?
It depends on the problem you are experiencing. If it is complicated, it may take a long time, but usually it takes 10-24 months. You may use traditional orthodontics for a short period at the end of the treatment period, because transparent orthodontics do not polish the teeth with the same precision.

The advantages of orthodontics
• are not visible.
• It can be removed when eating.
• You can brush and floss your teeth.
• It does not cause gum infections such as what might happen when wearing a metal orthodontic with wire.

Despite the many advantages of invisible braces, it is like any modern technology that has some defects that reduce its importance and its therapeutic efficacy, especially in the long run. The most prominent defects of invisible braces are:
• its cost is very high compared to the metal orthodontist.
• It needs extreme care, as no type of food is suitable for it, but specific types must be chosen, in order to avoid it being stretched by the heat, or reduced by the cold, because it is made of a plastic material that is affected by heat.
• There may not be any results for the clear evaluation, especially in the last stages, which requires resorting to the regular braces.
• It is not suitable for all medical conditions, as it is suitable for dental simple problems.

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