lower back pain

The causes of lower back pain are usually a cause of excessive effort, muscle strain, or a muscle or ligament injury that is with the spine. In second, less common stages, lower back pain is revealed as a result of a disease or defect in the spine.
The risk factor is high among the causes of progression of lower back pain. And that is, the greater the causes of danger, the higher the probability of the appearance of pain in the back. In the beginning, you should give your back a little relief, and not for a period of weeks of rest on the method that was previously recommended. In fact, this is the most dangerous thing you can do. The method is back rest for the first 48 hours after injury or after you start feeling a lot of pain after that, the level of activity can be raised slowly. Exercise and movement after the strong pains subside can contribute to the treatment and stiffness of the lower back pain
Sudden back pain that lasts for more than six weeks can be severe due to falling or heavy weights. Back pain that progresses for more than three months is less chronic than strong pain. Back pain persists almost without effect. Your doctor must examine it through a test or imaging study. Common conditions associated with back pain are muscle tension or ligament. Constant lifting or sudden movement can strain the back muscles and vertebral ligaments. If you are in an unhealthy physical condition, frequent

pressure on your back can cause painful muscle cramps

lower back pain
It is known that what appears as a vertebral disc disease when you have an X-ray on the backbone of a second or another effector, back pain is one of the most well-known cases that are working to make those with it go to see a doctor to take an examination or do not go to work, because of its being one of the main cases Causing obstruction throughout the world. Most people experience back pain at least once.
If you suffer from back pain, you should rush to the doctor in the nearest clinic or hospital

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