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Are you thinking of booking a dental appointment? Are you trying to find a good dentist? Do you or a family member suffer from poor treatment or malocclusion? Before you book a dental appointment, you should read this valuable information.
While the blockage indicates the correct alignment of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws to fit together to form a healthy “bite”, the poor ness of the obstruction indicates that this alignment disrupts the mismatch between the upper and lower teeth.
Poor splinting is caused by a defect in key components involving chewing, including teeth, upper jaw, lower jaw and jaw joints. The gums, gum structures and any muscles and ligaments associated with chewing may also beaffected, so we touch on all the reasons later here.
The concept of malocclusion
To understand what is bad, one must also understand what a normal dental blockage is.
It’s a bad relationship between teeth. In theory, this indicates any deviation or variation of the natural or ideal blockage as it is supposed to be. Popularly, people refer to various blockage problems as “twisted teeth” but there is much more to the imbalance of teeth that cause sin.
In thedental clinic, dentists and orthodontists use a classification system to classify and describe various aspects and types of malhydration.
Determine how bad the procedure is
To determine the level of maltreatment, two key features are assessed.
1. The relationship within the arch that indicates the way the row of teeth is aligned in the curve of the lower or upper tooth arch
2. The relationship between the yin arch ofthe jaws, otherwise called biting or blockage between the upper and lower teeth
Symptoms of malocclusion
Some types of malocclusion can be caused by physiological malthepoism or pre-ephedaltic prognosis.
• Difficulty chewing
• Difficulty biting
• Injury to gums, lips and tongue during biting, chewing or talking
• Gum and dental disorders
• Loose teeth
• Pain in joints and maxillary muscles, especially when chewing
What’s the reason for the malocclusion?
This explains why we often face similar problems among members of the same family.
• chronic finger-sucking habits that can be practiced for a long time;
• obstruction problems that cause chronic oral breathing. This can affect the development of the jaws and the position of the teeth;
• the tongue position when resting or while swallowing;
• It is premature to lose primary or permanent teeth after an accident, caries or diseases of the gums and bones supporting theteeth.
• Loss of teeth can cause the movement of other teeth and contribute to the development of poor ness;
• Shock, accident or blow to the face can cause dental movements
Can malocclusion be treated with time?
In fact, most of these problems will worsen over time without the intervention of orthodontics. Therefore, we recommend that you book a dental appointment or go to the nearest Clinic. Your dentist will make the diagnosis and will invite you to follow the appropriatetreatment.

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