mask and corona

Mask and coron

The new Corona virus has spread around the world during the past few days, while Arab countries have taken and worked hard to take action to combat it, with an increase in the number of people infected with the Corona virus and in the same situation in which some governments submitted to reduce quarantine work gradually, a large number of people to Wearing Face mask in public places

There are some concerns that have encouraged people to wear masks. The government advised people to wear masks for fear that it would give people an incorrect sense of safety or that there would be a lot of demand for them, and employees working on the front lines lacked them in these basic equipment.

mask and corona

The other thing is the information that the corona virus can spread through the air, that is, through vital air drops that exhale from the exhalation of infected people. Consequently, this information does not mean anything, but it is a lot of information that has not been confirmed and has not been confirmed scientifically yet, except that in the United States, the director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases said that a study was done on the Corona virus, on information that means that the virus can actually spread among humans During talking, not just when they cough

mask and corona

And if this is confirmed, therefore, the work of this virus transmission can explain the high rates of infection of the virus, which can be transmitted even in patients and do not reveal any symptoms. And a statement that to this possibility, the American health authorities indicated wearing Face mask, and those countries that have positively reduced the transmission rate of the new corona virus, most of which are Asian countries, have based on their residents to wear Face mask in public places thus because of the Corona virus when it succeeds in entering cells and multiplying, Viruses leave cells and go into body fluids in the lungs, mouth and nose. And when the patient curbs, the droplet spray, or the component with viruses, will come out in the air, and this will come out of the patient’s mouth during the coughing. Some fear that the virus will be transmitted through the drops that come out of the mouth while speaking. You should wear masks when talking or meet a sick person.

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